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UN International Plan of Action on Ageing Global

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Standards Wise Founder David Stevens was invited in conjunction with Andrew Larpent of CommonAge to contribute a chapter to the newly released book 'The United Nations Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing Global Perspectives 2023'.

Each chapter focuses on one specific geographical region and addresses five key themes: national ageing situation; twenty years of MIPAA; ensuring ageing with dignity; healthy and active ageing in a sustainable world; and priorities for the future. It presents an overall summary of the findings, future challenges and opportunities related to ageing, recommendations for future actions to be taken, and policy adjustments needed.

David and Andrew's summary statement points towards the countries of the Australasia and Oceania regions having wide, often extreme variations in the experience of ageing and socio-economic-political contexts, leading to significant contrasts in how ageing is defined and viewed. Importantly, the growing size of the ageing population is and will be quite impactful on the workforce and community development. They observe that ‘Ageism’ continues to create a stigma.

There is a financial necessity in the case of much of the Oceana region, to continue to work for longer in their later years. In Australia and New Zealand, improvements in health and longevity coupled with the need to supplement income also means people are working longer. The chapter also details some of the progress made and future challenges the region faces now and into the future, and discusses what this means for the future security of elders as part of an inclusive community.

David and Andrew's chapter is an important contribution towards the advancement of Ageing Policy in Oceana and Australia, helping to ensure active and healthy ageing in the Region. Purchase through Routledge here.

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