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Holistic Model of Care

Beyond a Person-Centred Approach

  • Be ready for the new Aged Care Standards

  • Stay ahead of Reforms

  • Meet the expectations of the Baby Boomers


Standards Wise International and Babyboomers Pty Ltd have joined forces to develop a leading model of care for organisations to deliver outstanding outcomes and attract talented staff.

Our new model, based on consumer led standards, comes in an easy to implement package which can be delivered intensively over 12 weeks or over a 12-month period which position your organisation to achieve: 


•    Consumer Led Solutions

•    Empowered consumers

•    Inspired staff

•    Thriving Communities

•    Intergenerational Connections    

•    Smart Technology Infrastructure

•    Measured Outcomes

•    Profit

Consumer Led Leadership Standards

For progressive Human Service organisations/ providers in the fields of Ageing, Disability and Mental Health Services who want to go beyond person centred care to fully realise a consumer focussed service offering encompassing all strategic and operational levels.

These Standards include a section on developing your workforce and valuing the contribution of staff to supporting customer lead decision making and optimal outcomes.

Smooth the Process of Integration

Together at the Top

We provide all your organisational development, support, audit and compliance needs including a wide range of consulting services and products.

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