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Standards Wise ASES - Three easy steps to Accreditation


Step 1

Register with SW and set  site audit date within 12 months. Conduct your baseline self-assessment with SW supplied Tool


Step 2

Gather your evidence with support from SW tools then SW conducts Onsite Assessment


Step 3

Onsite Assessment Report and Quality Action Plan then Receive your Accreditation Certificate

ASES logo

ASES Accreditation

Standards Wise is an Official Accreditation Agency for the Service Excellence Standards.


ASES is your roadmap to becoming an excellent organisation.

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) aims to help organisations improve business practices and client services. It does this through:

  • a set of community service standards, and

  • a program of support.


ASES helps organisations identify a pathway to accreditation and the building blocks they need on specific topics.


Accreditation generates:

  • greater public confidence:

  • improved efficiencies and work processes

  • access to more funding opportunities and

  • a more stimulating workplace culture for staff who feel more empowered, involved and satisfied.


Accreditation benefits consumers, staff, board members, managers and funding bodies.

Why Choose Us to be your Official Accreditation Agency?

We pride ourselves on maintaining cultural safety, embracing diversity, and connecting with the purpose, values and mission of our participating organisations. 

We have broad cross sector experience having supported and assessed for ASES since 2005 in the following areas:

o    Homelessness Services

o    Youth and family services

o    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Controlled Organisations 

o    Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Organisations 

o    Large multi service NGOs

o    Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health Services 

o    Aged Care Providers

o    Community Centres 

o    Disability Services 

o    Local Government and State/Federal Government 

o    Peak Bodies. 

If you require Support for Accreditation

We can provide your Accreditation journey with the following:

  1. Conduct an ASES Developmental Assessment and Action Plan​

  2. Provide education, Board training and document resources

  3. Assign an ASES Mentor/Coach to navigate the organisation to Accreditation

Benefits & Feedback

Consumer and Outcome Focused

Increase Quality & Consistency of Service

Globally accredited by ISQua

Helpful in securing funding & contracts

Organisations said:

“Clients get the quality services that they deserve.”          

“A Sense of achievement”            

“Staff acquired vast skills ”

“We developed a greater understanding about what we do, why and how we do it.”

“Developed Policies and procedures for all processes/problems.”

“Identified new opportunities and gaps.”

“A good learning experience and provides a sound framework for sound business and good governance.”

“Provided the framework necessary to evaluate how we run our business and highlighted the need to operate in a more professional corporate manner”.

Together at the Top

Start your ASES journey the right way with our easy to implement process and support packages.

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